Real men eat pork rinds.

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What is a pork rind?

Well, we're glad you asked. Southern Recipe started serving up pork rinds way back in 1955. In the early years, Southern Recipe pork rinds were made with bacon rinds already smoked. However, in 1957, the pork industry no longer supplied this product – effectively shutting down our beloved pork rind snack. With southern ingenuity, our founder's wife put her home economics background to work and invented a never-seen-before two-step process. A pork rind process we still use today. And please don’t ask us anymore about this process ... It's a secret!

Chew on this! Even if the ONLY time you eat our tasty pork rind snack is at tailgating events (come on, we know you crunch on more than that!), you’re making a great decision! After all, it’s not uncommon to eat over 3,000 calories at a tailgate, but did you know that pork rinds are a healthier way to add crunch and flavor to your favorite bites? A serving of pork rinds has 0 grams of carbs, 9 grams of protein and only 5 grams of fat. Now you know what a pork rind is and the healthy side of this crunchy snack.

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